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Our Mission

Simple. Effective. Dependable.

Rely on CBD products that are made to work. Our journey started with long uphill hikes through mud, wind, and rain to harvest, craft and package the most effective CBD products found today. Everyone needs protection from the elements; while we battle the endless downpours and muddy puddles in Oregon’s Willamette valley, let our proven wellness products strap on their boots and make a splash in your self care and daily routines.

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Stepping Above the Industry Standard

Appreciate products made with high quality ingredients, backed by independent lab results and well-researched science. Muddy Boot products are produced by a small team, where each product is hand made, hand poured, and hand packaged. Our products are effective, affordable, and ready to be part of your daily routine.

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CBD Dog Treats: A Natural Path to Well-being

CBD Dog Treats: A Natural Path to Well-being

Today, we are excited to introduce the launch of our newest Muddy Boot product, CBD dog treats! Baked in Salem, Oregon, and made with 100% organic flour sourced from Camas Country Mill in Eugene, our dog treats are made in a chocolate bar style making them easy to...

CBD Side Effects & Potential Interactions with Medication

CBD Side Effects & Potential Interactions with Medication

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been a hot topic in the wellness industry in recent years due to its potential therapeutic benefits. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is often marketed as a natural remedy for a variety of health concerns, including stress relief, chronic...

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Why Muddy Boot Botanicals?

We provide our customers with the finest small batch, hand poured, human powered personal care products on the market.



What People Are Saying About Muddy Boot

“Excellent Experience!”


“Excellent experience with these products! We found them at the Salem Saturday market. The body butter helps ease my aches and pains, the chapstick soothes my chapped lips, the CBD pet drops work great for my dog’s arthritis, and helps mellow her.

“Love These Products!”


“What an AMAZING product! Thanks to the drops, Stix & body butter I am off all theOpioids prescribed by my RA doctor!! No pain … No fuzzy head. We put our dog on the Pet Drops as she suffers from hip dysplasia… she is active again… LOVE THESE PRODUCTS “

“A Great Find”


“When hubby started to run low on his CBD cream for arthritic pain, I jumped on the webpage to find where I could buy again in Salem! I hadn’t realized it was a local company and it was delivered to our home personally the very next day! Thanks!”

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