Where Did Muddy Boot Begin?

by | Jan 20, 2022

Outdoorsmen, serial hikers, and general nature enthusiasts will all tell you, if you’re looking for a true challenge in testing yourself against the elements, you need look no further than the Appalachian Trail. Had you gone in 2018, you could have run into the founder of Muddy Boot Botanicals, Seth Singer, somewhere on that long, treacherous and beautiful path that stretches the length of much of the east coast, going through Appalachia, all the way from Georgia to Maine.

He’d be somewhere over there, probably huddled in a muddy tent, with his bag of essentials, wearing some kind of thrift-store ugly-conversation-starter-knit sweater. Seth was what most of us would call a “hippie” in the traditional sense. Being only 23 at the time, Seth wasn’t just playing the part or putting on the costume of the decades-old cultural practice of hippies, no, Seth was living the life of learning to be one with nature, respecting the earth and all its wonders of biodiversity, and how it humbles us humans to be a part of the miracle that is life on planet Earth.

How’d Seth get like this? At 23, in 2018, most people his age were more interested in technology-related activities. Things foreign and strange to Seth, phenomena and fads like “social media” and “streaming” or “video games” were things Seth had heard of, but for him, they were as alien as and unrelatable as Zuckerberg himself. Seth had always been- and forgive the oncoming cliche- an old soul. Truly, a person that cherished the analog way of life, and thus searched for it more and more as his outdoor hikes and camping journeys took him further into the world of nature and closed him off to the techno-bubble that most 23 year olds at that time were absorbed in.

Alongside the trail’s perceived romanticism and glory, there is another side to the path most people do not experience from the outside– sharp pain, overuse injuries, and cold, sleepless nights. Seth is familiar with pain and stress relief; since 18, he has battled psoriasis, an autoimmune disease affecting skin and joint health, which led him to learn more about homeopathic medicine and to pursue an understanding of the world of natural medicines. Seth graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Sustainable Development, and although he had some formal background in farming and growing crops at that time, he was far from where he needed to be by the time Muddy Boot Botanicals was born.

In the following years, Seth Singer traveled, working on different farms, and eventually found himself across the country in the great state of Oregon. He landed on a farm a few miles outside of Salem, and began to integrate himself into the local farmers market community. Seth always had a love for Cannabis. Like many others, Seth enjoyed and was deeply familiar with the THC side of the Cannabis plant, but soon found CBD and other less debilitating cannabinoids to be the aspect of the plant that he was ultimately more interested in. Seth found success in treating some symptoms of his own medical conditions through the use of CBD.

Inspired by these positive experiences, he applied his business acumen to begin producing his own CBD creations and spreading the joy he felt from using these products. Through a proper mix of mentorship and self-learning, Seth created CBD extracts that were pure and focused on helping people with chronic pain and stress. Seth took his time at the farmers market, paying close attention to what his customers and members of his community were looking for in a useful CBD product. After taking the time to hone his methods, Seth was ready to introduce an entire line of CBD products his farmers market folk had expressed to him were something they felt a demand for. Thus, he put back on his muddy boots, went to the farm, and got to work. Many late nights and long hours later, came Muddy Boot Botanicals, a CBD company designed to have products that worked as hard and as effectively as the people who inspired him to make it.

Our Mission

Every company has a founder and a fun back story, (or at least they should all make one up so that they have something to tell people), but what a lot of CBD companies lack is a clear mission that it wants to achieve. We’ve all seen gas-station CBD gummies at this point, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve seen the high-end faux-tech-start-up look to a CBD company. Unfortunately, what a lot of those kinds of companies and their aesthetic lack is a vision for what their product means for the quality of living for those they serve in their local community.

A business must make profits and sell goods to maintain itself, but a mindless production, made only for corporate domination, leads to all sorts of bad outcomes for consumers. Whether it be a sketchy product without recent lab testing or something that simply doesn’t live up to what it promises to do, the problem of a business without larger goals than just profit is unfortunately a massive and outright dangerous outlook for the consumers those businesses wish to serve.

Muddy Boot Botanicals is a company that was born from community support and customer feedback. This company owes it’s very life to the ethos of evolving with the needs of its customers. Muddy Boots mission is simple: make CBD products that work, and always look for ways to make your customer feel like their specific needs are being heard each time a product is released. We want to hear what you want out of your self care experience– we don’t want to give you a flashy label or an uncharted cannabinoid just because it’s a new product to sell. At Muddy Boot, innovation means maintaining constant attention to the cutting edge, constantly developing science of CBD, and then applying what our consumer base finds most helpful to their ailments. We combine this information into a product that is both effective and addresses the consumers’ needs directly. We’re not a one-size fits all CBD company, because we understand that each one of us have our own reasons for using CBD, and we want to offer something for everyone. At MBB, everyone’s opinion on self care matters to us and is the way we steer our ship towards better products and more innovation.

Why CBD?

We’ve all heard by now of how CBD is helpful in many ways for people seeking treatment alternatives to things like pain management and stress relief .The Cannabinoid Gold-Rush is certainly here, and there are plenty of states where CBD’s cousin, THC, is a cash crop unlike any other in recent times. There are a lot of companies selling CBD products today, so why does Muddy Boot Botanical’s focus its product line on a substance that the market seems to be flooded with? The answer is simple: CBD done right, meaning extracted, purified, and formulated the right way -with care– is a miracle, multi-purpose natural remedy that has the potential to help and treat most people without the side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals that are designed to treat the same ailments. Muddy Boot’s founder, Seth Singer, experienced the kind of stress and pain relief that well-made CBD offers, and is an avid user of the substance himself. The community of Salem, where Muddy Boot is based, is certainly no stranger to cannabinoids, and CBD is one that is certainly in bloom. It was only right then, that Muddy Boot Botanical’s focused it’s product development on helping the most people possible, with products that can address the widest range of issues. Put simply; we wanted to help everyone with the miraculous effects of cannabinoid extracts, and well made CBD is simply the extract that can do the most help for the most people.

Featured Product: SoapWhere Did Muddy Boot Begin?

One of our most popular products is our CBD-infused soap. The process to make our soap is a labor of love, something the founder of Muddy Boot Botanicals, Seth Singer takes extreme care to develop. The soap contains unique sets of oils like coconut oil, cocoa butter, soy wax, hemp seed oil, and castor oil, along with high quality essential oils. While the finished product is made using laboratory equipment, it’s actually a very rustic and “old school” style soap bar, the kind that makes tons of suds in the shower, and handles like a brick. The mixing process is quite intense, it involves weighing and melting the oils, mixing lye crystals with water, which instantly forms a hot, volatile solution requiring safety gear, blending the lye solution and oils together in a big vat, and using a massive hand blender to emulsify the two phases. Once it begins blending, you can watch the liquid turn to soap right before your eyes. At Muddy Boot, the entire process is done from beginning to end by experts who’ve created a specialized process to ensure the highest quality soap bar, every single time. If you enjoy long-lasting, nature-first products that are made for everyday use and designed to become an essential part of your daily self-care routine, the Muddy Boot Botanical soap bar is a must-have.

Seth himself puts it, “soap and its creation are a centuries old activity and art form. It’s also a daily part of my existence; cleansing myself of the stress and weight of the current day and setting me anew to start each morning with a fresh slate.”

That’s the beauty of soap– it’s something everyone needs, something you’ll use every day, and something that, if done right, can become a positive ritual. The routine of bathing can empower you to move in the right direction at the start of each day, or help you unwind and prepare to rest at the end of each night. Whatever your preference of scent and feel, Muddy Boots has you covered. Scent is a powerful sense, and we try to be as inclusive as possible with our varieties, so everyone can connect with our products and feel like it was made just for them. This attention to detail isn’t an accident, as previously stated, the mission of Muddy Boot Botanicals is to make CBD products that fit their users like a glove; we take the extra care and time to ensure everything we carry holds the same level of uniqueness as each one of our potential customers. The soap is just one example of our level of care and attention to each product.

Check out our marketplace online and find something that fits your lifestyle. At Muddy Boot Botanicals, we thrive on customer feedback, so drop a comment or write to us, tell us what you liked the most out of our lineup of products, share what kinds of things you’d like to see us create in the future, or tell us why you this product wasn’t for you– we are constantly humbled and appreciative of all who are willing to share their thoughts. There can’t be anything close to perfection without continuous innovation and attention to detail. We want our products to continuously get better and our love of CBD to spread from our hearts, through our products, and into you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch the latest product updates, experience the creation of our products live, and interact with Seth and the crew as they strap on their muddy boots and get to work for you.

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