CBD & Benefits For Seniors

by | Aug 16, 2022

Beginning in December of 2018, Hemp products and cannabidiol, or CBD were declared legal for consumer use in the United States. Some of those who have benefited the most from this progression has been older Americans. Out of those who use CBD in the United States, over 61% are over the age of 65. Despite the many misconceptions about CBD and Hemp products made in the past, it is not scary and there are so many benefits for elderly bodies left on the table just because of misinformation.

Devillianizing CBD

“It’s pretty incredible that we have been villainizing this plant for decades and decades for really no reason.” Gretchen Lidicker

Past generations have viewed Hemp as a delinquents’ drug when, in reality, this plant has many health benefits making it vital to improving the quality of life for the elderly. THC and CBD are two halves of the same plant, both with their own pros and cons. CBD mainly affects the body and can help relieve feelings of stress and minor discomforts, whereas THC mainly affects the mind while impacting some of the body. CBD is made from the stalk, leaves, and flowers of the Hemp plant. Hemp oil is actually in a lot of consumer goods anyone can find in a grocery store, from granola bars to cookies and yogurt. Through the use of CBD, seniors can reap the emotional and physical benefits of Hemp without the “intoxicating effects” people experience with THC products. These psychoactive effects are linked to different cannabinoids within the plant, CBD only contains the one pertaining to your body whereas THC interacts with your mind and body. One of the most important distinctions between THC and CBD is that the two differ in legality from state to state. CBD is legal everywhere and more people use it than you think! Many older people are unaware of just how closely the benefits of CBD cater to their specific needs. Prejudices based on misinformation hold them back from beginning their own wellness journeys into CBD. Muddy Boot Botanicals creates a welcoming and educational environment where consumers can take their time to figure out what CBD product is right for them. I highly recommend visiting their FAQ page on their website or even reaching out with any questions you have.

Benefits for Elderly Bodies

Though it doesn’t outright claim to cure diseases, there are many cases of CBD soothing aches and pains and evening out moods in the elderly. It works with your body’s own natural systems to create energy and even out moods. CBD may actually be good for you and your cells! It acts as an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. It may even help aid in the actual regeneration of cells which is vital for elderly bodies and minds. CBD has also been used in aiding the side effects of different cancer treatments in the elderly. Some methods of cancer treatment are harsh on the body, especially on those over the age of 65, and CBD works to counteract some of the side effects to calm the body and mind. CBD can also be utilized as a non-habit-forming option to accompany other methods of pain relief you may already be using. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before changing or adding CBD into your routine.

Alternative Consumption Methods to Smoking

One of the best parts about CBD is all the different consumption methods the consumer can choose from to feel the most comfortable when using. There are more ways to access the benefits of CBD than just through smoking it. Many people are uncomfortable with or may just not have the ability to smoke freely wherever or whenever they feel pain. Some of the most popular ways to ingest CBD besides smoking amongst those over 60 are:

Topical Oils

The most popularly used method of consumption for CBD in the United States is through the use of topical creams and oils. Much like a lotion, consumers can just easily apply the cream/oil to any affected area for relief. Muddy Boot Botanicals ‘Pure’ CBD Body Butter boasts the most effective and highly concentrated topical product. Being one of their most popular products, Muddy Boot calls it, “an excellent introductory product for novice users and those skeptical of CBDs effectiveness.”


Ingesting CBD concentrated oils orally is another popular way that allows consumers to utilize the benefits of CBD anywhere at any time. Edibles allow the user to experience relief in the form of an herbal supplement. Muddy Boot specifically offers a customizable CBD experience with their CBD Tincture Drops. These drops ensure easy dosages, allowing the consumer to control just how much they are ingesting so that your treatment may vary just as your pain does. Muddy Boot is also releasing its own line of highly anticipated edible gummies.

Vapor Inhalation

Inhaling CBD as a vapor is another slightly less invasive method of consumption other than smoking. There is less of a smell when it comes to vaping CBD as opposed to smoking it, so there is more freedom on the user in terms of where they can use it. It allows for fast-acting relief that is also easy on your lungs.


CBD has the ability to improve the quality of life for elderly people everywhere, but many neglect this opportunity because of misinformation or ineducation. Generations were built on the idea that CBD, and Marijuana in general, were evil; but in reality, this is, and always has been false information. There are constant and consistent research studies being done to further what we know about CBD and all it can do to help us. From the beauty industry to the world of health, even your pets have room to benefit With all of the different methods of consumption, consumers can choose the way that works best for them and their unique situation. At Muddy Boot Botanicals, we understand that every patron is different and we cater our products to the individual, visit our website to start your CBD journey with us today, you won’t regret it!

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