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by | Aug 30, 2022

When beginning your journey into CBD, it can be intimidating choosing a brand to trust with your health. Our founder, Seth felt the exact same way and that led him to embark on his journey to create a trustworthy and ever-innovative company. On this little Hemp farm in Salem, Oregon, he learned about the cultivation processes and how to hone the properties of CBD he believed could help him and so many other people. Muddy Boot Botanicals works consistently on perfecting its formulas to ensure its consumers experience CBD in the most effective way possible. Our mission at Muddy Boot is to provide its customers with the finest small-batch, hand-poured, human-powered personal care products on the market.

From skincare to sleep gummies and even CBD for your pet, Muddy Boot Botanicals curates products to create an immersive and inclusive experience for its loyal consumer base. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any inquiries you may have. Is your question not there? Feel free to reach out through the email feature on the same page! By creating an environment where questions are welcome, Muddy Boots customers feel safe and always ready to learn more about our wellness journey. With wholesale options, Muddy Boot even offers to help its consumers on the business level and supports local businesses and non-profits in our community.

Listed below are some of Muddy Boot Botanicals Best Selling Products and reviews from customers who prove time and time again why our company is the right choice for you!

Sleep Gummies

A much anticipated, newly released product arrives as tasty, vegan sweets to help you sleep! Muddy Boot Botanicals’ Sleep Gummies are infused with 30mg of CBD and flavored with lemon, lime, and naturally colored with Tumeric making them a healthy, non-habit-forming sleep aid. Avoid that groggy irritable feeling of sleepiness with this easy sleep choice. Make it even easier by selecting monthly shipments at checkout!

Pet Drops

Understanding your pet’s needs can be difficult without the typical means of communication humans have to express themselves. Simplifying your pet’s care plan can not only make your pet more comfortable, but it can also offer you peace of mind that you are fulfilling their needs. Muddy Boots Botanical’s Pet Drops are a convenient addition to your furry friends’ care plan! A calculated blend of Organic Coconut MCT oil, Salmon oil, and hemp-derived CBD is easy to incorporate into your pets’ routine with a dosage that you can alter literally drop by drop. It is a safe, gentle, and effective way to balance their mood and manage pain.

Pure’ Body Butter

Muddy Boot Botanicals’ Body Butter is the perfect product for difficult aches and pains. The ‘Pure’ Body Butter uses a high concentration of CBD to target intense muscle and joint pains, bringing much needed relief to hardworking users. The ‘Pure’ Body Butter is scentless, making it subtle and appealing to those who have sensitivities toward scents. This product comes in a convenient twist-top tin that makes them easily accessible, just simply toss it in your purse, briefcase case, gym bag, or anywhere it might come in handy!

Bar Soap

Rustic in nature and durable, Muddy Boots Botanicals’ Bar Soaps are an incredible and affordable way to elevate bath time. Each bar is made with 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD and natural colorants and exfoliants, making it a natural way to give your body the care it needs. It is best used by either massaging it into specific areas that need special attention, or letting it set into your skin after lathering up. Available in 3 scents- original, cappuccino, and squeaky clean- it will transform your nightly routine into a ritual!


If you’re looking for a convenient, on-the-go, CBD product that is easy to use then Muddy Boot Botanicals’ STIX is the product for you! This product features 2.25 ounces of twist-up, topical CBD oil that can help soothe you in situations where stress on your muscles or your body may present itself. STIX is offered in two different 2,000 mg options for all your different treatment needs. Try ‘Lemon Eucalyptus Lavander’ for a more relaxing experience, or ‘Fire & Ice’ for an icy-hot relief experience with the use of menthol crystals and capsicum.

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