CBD in Your Beauty & Skin Care Routine

by | Jul 12, 2022

“People have been using cannabis forever. The question now is, how do we as scientists catch up?”

With the rising popularity of the CBD industry, companies are beginning to research the different ways that they can incorporate CBD into their products. The beauty and skincare industries have become one of the most popular ways to use CBD infused products. CBD provides additional support for those who wish to take care of their skin through redness reduction, wrinkle prevention, and moisturizing. Muddy Boot provides an excellent array of products that can be added to your skincare routine.

While research on the topic of CBD’s effect on the skin is still growing, there is already existing evidence to support the claim that CBD can help alleviate certain skin issues and overall, better the condition of your skin. CBD may contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help with the quality of your skin. Jolene Busceme of HuffPost writes in her article “Do CBD Beauty And Skin Care Products Really Work?”, about the potential that CBD has in the beauty/skincare industry. Busceme quotes Dermatologist Michelle Farber who said, “[When applied topically,] CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, aid in pain relief, improve hydration and reduce oil production,”. While CBD skincare products may not work for everyone or may not work right away, the evidence shows that CBD has the potential to better the quality of life for those who introduce it to their skincare routines.

Some people use CBD products daily, some use CBD every other day, and others use products once a week. How one chooses to use CBD is all based on preference. Why are people beginning to choose CBD products over non-CBD products? Well, while the jury is still out on the overall effect of CBD, there are some obvious perks of using CBD products. For example, users have shown that using a CBD-infused bath bomb instead of a regular bath bomb has helped them to unwind (Mona, Breanna). Audiences have even said that CBD is great in shampoo/conditioners, providing your hair and scalp with the same protective and moisturizing quality that it does for your skin (Mau, Dhani).

Like anything you put in or on your body, CBD does come with its own set of potential risks/side effects. Some may experience these issues because of overuse of CBD products, mixing them with products that don’t react well with CBD, or it could simply be that your skin is sensitive/allergic to CBD and hemp products. The common side effects of topical CBD are itchiness and/or rash. Relieving the product from your regime should alleviate those side effects but if they persist, seek medical advice.

We here at Muddy Boot have curated a variety of different products that you can choose from for your specific needs. We have everything from lotions to massage candles to lip balms. Our Stix Solid Lotion, ‘Pure’ Body Butter, Original Body Butter, and Lips, come in convenient packages that can be used from anywhere you might need a moisturizing pick-me-up. For at-home use, we have our Hand and body lotion for all-over moisture, our Bar soap for a rejuvenating clean, and our Massage Candle for muscle relief and easy use with a partner.

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