The Potential and Growth of CBD Treatments for Athletic Recovery

by | Sep 14, 2022

Athleticism can be described as the pinnacle of human commitment and dedication. To be considered an athlete, a person needs to display their strength under intense pressure. Strength training, building endurance, mental fortitude, and desire all make up the qualities of an elite athlete. This is all necessary to beat records and become the best in any sport. To accomplish such achievements, athletes need to understand their own limitations.

Recovery is an important aspect many people overlook compared to training. There are a variety of different ways to exercise every part of your body but a limited number of recovery methods. Many trainers have adopted different methods after training such as stretching, icing, and massaging muscles. These methods all work great, but there is always room for improvement. In this article, we will explain the benefits of CBD products and how they can help athletes in the future.

Recovery Methods

Recovery is crucial for you to perform at your best. Your body needs rest no matter how strong you may be. After training at a more intense pace than what your muscles are usually used to, they go through delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This is caused by micro tears that induce inflammation. DOMS occurs 24 to 72 hours after the workout and can range from annoying to painful.

There are numerous recovery methods, but it all depends on the individual’s preference and body. Active recovery is a method that decreases the training intensity so that the muscles can heal. Other methods include topical treatments that are popular amongst athletes to relieve muscle pain and injuries. Gels that provide a cooling sensation to sore areas help reduce discomfort. These methods can be combined so that training can maintain efficiency. To add to these methods, CBD is another recovery method that can be used as topical, ingested, and aromatic treatment.

What is CBD?

CBD is an oil derived from the cannabis plant. It is non-intoxicating and shows significant medical benefits. CBD, or cannabidiols, have shown their anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, and analgesic properties. This shows the potential for CBD, and the FDA has even regulated its use to treat epilepsy. In 2018, cannabidiols were removed from prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Today there are many athletes who utilize CBD
to assist with recovery while replacing damaging substances such as addictive opioid pain relievers for long-term pain relief.

Studies have shown that a third of cyclists, triathletes, and runners are or have been cannabinoid users. There also exist other plant-derived products that are utilized for sport recovery such as ginseng, green tea, cherries, curcumin, spinach, and beetroot. These products have similar properties to CBD. With popularity increasing, it is possible that athletes will begin to incorporate CBD to their regular training regimens.

Mentally Prepare for Competitions

Especially on days when the pressure for a final or competition is weighing down on an athlete, it is imperative for them to stay calm and get a good night’s rest. CBD oil can help with their anxiety for the upcoming event. Used either as a wax that can relieve tension on muscle groups or as an oil to ingest, CBD can become a regular pregame ritual that helps athletes keep their composure. Lotion or wax can be applied to sore muscles, alleviate fatigue, and produce a pleasant smell to create a calming atmosphere. Muscle soreness can make the proceeding sessions of exercise seem unattractive. So, trying to negate the amount of soreness during and after a workout can make the experience more pleasant. This will improve athletes’ conditions so they can perform even better on their next day of training.

The Growing Popularity of CBD

Many athletes today use CBD in different sports.

  • George Kruis – a rugby player who was introduced to CBD by his teammate who felt the instant effect.
  • Megan Rapinoe – a soccer player who helped the US Women’s National Team to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019. She believes that there should be changes around the status quo of pain management in sports.
  • Rob Gronkowski – an NFL player, who has won 3 Super Bowls. He took a year break from football and used CBD to manage his pain.
  • Nate Diaz – a UFC fighter expresses his support for CBD during press conferences. He states tha CBD helps with post-fight inflammation and overall recovery.
  • Paul Pierce – an NBA player used CBD to cope with PTSD, stress and anxiety.
  • Klay Thompson – an NBA player on the Golden State Warriors uses CBD after an ACL injury he sustained.
  • Eddie Hall – a former british strongman uses CBD to sleep, help with pain and swelling.

As you can see there are many athletes who utilize CBD to their advantage because of the natural benefits it provides. These sports include contact which can cause bruises, cuts, sprains, ligament tears, etc. It is inevitable for an athlete to come out unscathed from participating in these competitions. Most of these sports require well-thought recovery schedules so athletes can perform their best in their next competition.

Try Muddy Boot Botanical’s Products

Most of these methods are used mainly by preference, but it is always good to have options. If one method or a combination of two does not seem like it works, it is good to try alternatives. Muddy Boot Botanicals offers CBD products to relax and soothe muscle aches. Check out our CBD Stix which offer a portable and easy method to apply CBD to muscles.

CBD may seem like an unknown method to use but just like everything else, it is better to inform yourself before passing it up. These benefits may have a great effect for you.

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