Which Method of Taking CBD is for You?

by | Jul 25, 2022

There are plenty of different ways that one can consume cannabidiol (or CBD) products, but many people are still left wondering what is right for them. If you are still unsure about which to take, then this is the blog post for you. Through a diverse set of methods, there are differences in how the effects take place and how you can use them. This blog post will detail the pros and cons of different CBD products and what they do. These methods being:

  • Oil
  • Gummies
  • Vaping
  • Patches

The question is, which should you take? Keep reading to learn more about each method.

Ingesting Through Oil

Which Method of Taking CBD is for You?

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The most common method today of taking CBD is through ingesting it in oil form. Users will use a dropper to measure the liquid before ingesting it orally. It is not as discrete as other methods, but will still give the user a great effect. Both people and pets can enjoy ingesting CBD in this form. Muddy Boot Botanicals even offers pet supplements in addition to normal CBD oil.
The main pros of oil are:

The cons are:

  • takes longer to feel the effects. It can usually take a half an hour.
  • taste may be off putting to some.

If you would like to feel longer lasting effects, but are willing to wait longer to do so, then this method is an option for you. The amount needed for effect is relative to your weight. It has been found that ingesting THC substances orally has a low bioavailability. Bioavailability is the rate at which a drug is absorbed into the body. While THC is miniscule in CBD products, the studies on its bioavailability is comparable to how effective the CBD is absorbed through this method.

Vaping CBD

Which Method of Taking CBD is for You?

Vaping is another popular method of using CBD for many people. By using vape juice mixed with CBD oil, users can inhale the oil infused vapor for effect. This is a unique method that sets itself apart from just taking oil or edibles by itself. It is able to be used for a quick effect by those who already enjoy vaping.
The Pros of vaping are

The Cons are:

  • Effects do not last as long since it is not absorbed as well.
  • Many people may not be able to vape or smoke due to health reasons.

Ingesting CBD Through Gummies (Edibles)

Which Method of Taking CBD is for You?

Instead of ingesting oil, users can also choose CBD gummies to eat. These typically achieve a similar effect as a result, but are more enjoyable to take than oil. For some users, it may be far more convenient to ingest gummies instead. Some edibles offer to include different effects in them. For example, Muddy Boot Botanicals currently sells Sleep Gummies in addition to oil supplements.
The Pros are:

  • The taste can be better than oil
  • More convenient for some. No oil to accidentally spill.

The Cons are:

Like, ingesting through oil, the same low bioavailability applies to edible CBD products as well. It may last longer than vaping for most, but will not last as long as transdermal patches for instance.

Transdermal Patches

Which Method of Taking CBD is for You?

This method of usage comes in CBD infused transdermal patches. Instead of having to ingest or vape, a patch can be applied to the skin instead. Like contraceptive or nicotine patches, this method is absorbed and applied topically. Transdermal patches can reach the bloodstream similar to smoking/vaping. The effect as a result permeates through the body for hours. Those who cannot take oral supplements will likely have to use transdermal patches as a replacement.
The pros are:

The Cons are:

  • May not be as enjoyable for some to take.
  • Takes about as long as oil, slower than vaping.

Which is Best for You?

After seeing the pro’s and con’s of each method, the main points of each will now be laid out. Pick the best option that aligns with what is easiest for you to use. Not everyone will be able to use every method that is listed. Remember that the dosages needed for effect depends on the body weight, but can be enjoyable by anyone.

Consumables like gummies are easier to take and may taste better. Carrying these around in a purse could be more viable than a vape pen for instance. Some gummies may also offer different effects that sets it apart from other methods.

Vaping is better for a quicker effect that is faster than other methods. It does not have to go through the digestive system like taking it orally for instance. It is instead absorbed into the bloodstream like smoking. If you already vape or smoke, then this is a great option.

Oil lasts longer than vaping and gummies. If you do not mind the taste or taking it in public, then this is a viable option. It can also come in pet friendly versions for dogs and cats. It is the most common method to use at the moment.

Patches have a long lasting effect and are easier to use. It goes into your bloodstream instead of the digestive system. It is also far more discreet than vaping or taking drops of oil in public. It can last throughout the day unlike vaping for instance. If you dislike the other options listed, then this is a viable alternative.


Despite there being so many different methods of taking CBD, it is all just a matter of personal preference. Many people will prefer one method to the other based on their circumstances. As a result there is not one single best method for everyone to follow. In the end, it is best to make an informed choice for what is best for you or a loved one.

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