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Beat fatigue without the jitters! Featuring Ginseng, Lions Mane Mushroom extract, Vitamin B12, CBD, and CBG, this gummy will keep you steady and clear headed through your day.

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Natural Botanicals to Feel More Alive

Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb used for many ailments and has shown potential to reduce fatigue and increase physical activity levels when used in a controlled manner. Lion’s Mane mushroom is beloved for its unique appearance, but also has shown promise in its ability to help grow and repair cells in the body in addition to being an excellent supplement for brain health (Healthline, 2018). Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin helping process daily food intake into energy- deficiencies in Vitamin B12 can lead to: muscle spasms, weakness, and poor balance.

No JItters, Just Better

Step into your day feeling great without the jitters and buzz of caffeine. Feel more focused and get work done with a clear head. Our blend of botanicals is a wellness minded way for making a smooth transition into morning or afternoon activities.

We suggest you do not eat our Energy gummies within three hours of preparing to go to sleep.

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